Safety and health protection coordination

In accordance with EC guideline 92/57 (EG construction site guideline), local regulations concerning occupational health and safety (BaustV) have been in place in Germany since 1 July 1998. Construction site regulations subject general construction contractors to obligations regarding planning and implementation of construction plans, and these maybe transferred to third parties.

Potential hazards

  • Construction site safety, construction pit, line trenches
  • Disposal, supply, social facilities
  • Workplaces at high altitude, scaffolding
  • Electricity, fire and explosion hazard
  • Dangerous materials and contamination
  • Use of machines and devices
  • Staircases, floor openings
  • Driveways to and from the site


  • Reduction of hazards for all site participants
  • Reduction of hazards from third parties
  • Reduction of costs due to cooperative use of safety equipment
  • Avoidance of interruptions to construction process
  • Improvement of work quality

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